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Different Countries

Organizing trips to 8 different countries, giving you an opportunity to discover more and more. 


Successful Trips

Aiming to increase the number of our trips without compromising our spectacular experiences.


Happy Participants

Changing their perspective about backpacking and introducing a whole lot of adventure to their worlds. 


Saudi Nomad is an organization bringing the world of backpacking to Saudi Arabia through its fun and affordable adventures.
Saudi Nomad’s ultimate goal is to teach YOU how to backpack and plan your own trips for years to come.

If you are tired of the traditional way of traveling then you came to the right place! We will introduce you to a new way of traveling by stretching your limits and exploring the unknown. We encourage our participants to get out of their comfort zones with challenges and different activities as well as build strong bonds with one another. What also makes a trip with us different is that we take 10 special participants and towards the end of the trip they become more like family than friends. A trip with us will change the way you look at the world.

1) Select the trip you’re interested in (make sure to check the dates)
2) Get all the details by reading the trip booklet
3) Read and accept our Terms & Conditions
4) Fill the online application
5) We will get in touch with you to set up a date where we get to know each other better
6) After you receive a confirmation email from us, pay the deposit to confirm your seat
7) Meet the other nomads that will be your adventure companions
8) Book your flights and apply for a visa (if required - depending on the destination)
9) Fill in your flight details to a link we will provide
10) Make the final payment
11) Start packing!

For two reasons. First, is because our participants come from different regions and it is difficult to find flights that would group them during transit into one airport in addition to having multiple connecting flights with long transit hours. Secondly, Because the flight tickets keep fluctuating in prices due to the seasonality and that makes setting a fixed price for tickets difficult.

Yes of course, you can sign up in all the trips you like!
In the past we used to take the participants only once to give a chance to others to have the opportunity and come with us, but now since we're increasing the number of our trips; that won't be a problem.

Yes! We can organize a customized trips for companies, friends, families, or any large group. For more details, contact


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